Idler Pulley Select Program

It is always best to select replacement pulleys using Veyance’s published application data or original equipment number cross-over references found in the Veyance Belt Tension Control catalog. Where this data is not published we have offered the Pulley Selection Program to guide you through the pulley selection process.

Please keep in mind that even if all  the selection criteria  is met, cases may exist where the shape of the pulley may prevent it from fitting or functioning properly. Since your selection and application is outside of our application control, we can not guarantee satisfaction or be held responsible for product selection, application, or performance.  

1. Select Outside Diameter:  [Help]
2. Select Inside Diameter:  [Help]
3. Select Total Width:  [Help]
4. Select Running Surface:  [Help]
5. Select Pulley Material:  [Help]
6. Select Flange Type:  [Help]

Pulley Measuring Diagrams (click photos to enlarge)
Double V-Grooved Pulley Grooved Pulley, with Flange Grooved Pulley, No Flange Single V-Grooved Pulley
Flat Pulley, No Flange - Plastic Flat Pulley, No Flange - Steel Flat Pulley, With Flange